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Kate is your customer

  • She’s asked for help on your website.
  • She called customer support.
  • Now she’s reaching out on Twitter.

Kate just wants one thing fixed. Why does it take three agents to support her?

Customer service can be complex. The tools you use shouldn't be.

Connect with customers across channels to understand the context and manage the conversation efficiently.

It's easy to join the conversation.

Whether it's an inbound call, an outbound reminder, or self-service using a speech-enabled automated system,
PureCloud makes it easy to get to the right person and the right information.

Enjoy real-time conversations without the phone call.

Web chat is a great way to provide sales support and customer service.
And you can skills-based route every chat based on the webpage the customer is on.

Make a personal connection with your customers.

Whether you're trouble-shooting a service issue, planning for retirement, or consulting about a patient's care,
video makes the interaction more personal and impactful.

PureCloud integrates with all of these apps

Throw away your phones

All you need is a browser and a headset to talk to customers.

Risk? What risk?

Flexible subscription options and no hardware purchases required.

You won’t outgrow us

We scale with your business without manual intervention

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